The Smart Home Manual

The Smart Home Manual book cover

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Do you want to make your home smart, but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you worried about hackers taking control of your smart devices? Do you want to make a smart home that keeps your family entertained, comfortable, and safe?

When you are done reading The Smart Home Manual you’ll know:

  • What a smart home is and what it can do for you
  • How much smart homes cost
  • How to start building your smart home from scratch
  • How to pick the right smart home devices
  • How to plan for the future of the smart home
  • How to secure your smart home

After reading this book, you’ll be equipped with all the tools and information you need to plan, design, and implement the smart home you’ve always wanted.

Formats available: Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook

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Reviews and Praise

“He writes in an easy-to-understand, conversational tone not often found in such technical books. If you have any interest in making your home more smart and are not sure how to go about it—or what you even want—this book will set you up with the information you need to build the smart home of your dreams.”

Jamie Bee – Top 50 Amazon Reviewer, Reading Fanatic Reviews

“Loved It! A concise, comprehensive guide to enable you to turn your Smart Home dream into reality.”

Raju Chacko – Engineer & IT Consultant

“This is a five-star manual on using smart technology to run all or parts of your home, safely. The author goes into great detail: planning, how much it will cost, how to choose devices, the security aspects, bandwidth requirements, how to install and run it without losing your mind!”

Book Lover – Amazon Reviewer


The Smart Home Manual is divided into four main sections that are detailed below. Woven through each of these sections are valuable checklists, case studies, and use cases.

This section focuses on the basics of a smart home. You’ll learn all about the components that come together to make a smart home. There is a discussion of the reasons why you would want to build a smart home as well as detailed information on how much it costs to build your own smart home.

This section shows you how to lay the proper foundation for your smart home. You’ll learn how to prepare for the demands a smart home will have on your home network by improving your network speed and your Wi-Fi stability. You’ll also learn how to secure your home network from hackers. You’ll then learn the short-, medium-, and long-term goals you’ll want to set for your smart home build.

Building on the background and foundation acquired from the previous sections of the book, Part 3 walks you through building your smart home. You’ll learn which smart devices you’ll want to use and how to use them. You’ll also learn how to combine the devices to automate your home. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the build of your smart home. Detailed information about selecting all of the important devices of your smart home, paired with advice on how to evaluate smart home devices, teaches you how to grow and improve your smart home.

This section satisfies the curiosities of those looking for ideas about how to improve and further automate their smart homes. Home automation examples accompany sample smart home buildouts and equipment lists to give you inspiration. Smart home checklists, additional smart home resources, and a glossary round out this section.