My Story

If you’re at this site, there’s a good chance you probably know I’m the author of the Amazon best sellers The Personal Cybersecurity Manual, The Home Network Manual, The Smart Home Manual, and Home Wi-Fi Tuneup. Here’s a little bit you probably don’t know about me.

About Marlon

Marlon Buchanan’s genuine interest in home technology shines through in his writing. Taking what’s often considered a boring topic and making it palatable and even exciting is no small feat, yet Marlon manages to do this and more. His invaluable experience and expertise can help anyone from beginner to pro tackle and manage their home technology concerns. He holds a bachelor’s in computer science and engineering from MIT and master’s degrees in business administration and software engineering from Seattle University. He works as an IT Director but was previously a software engineer, business analyst, and college instructor.

Marlon currently resides in Seattle with his wife and kids and hopes to make home technology topics common knowledge.

Here are a few notable things about me:

I’m the founder of the home technology website HomeTechHacker and the online learning site HomeTechHacker Academy.

  • Over 200 articles published and counting.
  • I offer free home technology online courses.
  • HomeTechHacker contains many free resources for making better use of and improving your home technology.
  • I publish a monthly newsletter with key home technology information and updates. You can subscribe to it using the sidebar at the top of this page.
  • I’m a regular contributing writer at other publications, like Shoreline Area News.

I speak and present at conferences and on podcasts.

I am a former competitive distance runner.

  • I’ve run many marathons and half marathons and even won a marathon once.
  • I still run, but not for competition.
  • I am an avid weightlifter.

I’ve had a winding career.

  • I’ve been a financial planner, a director of independent living programs for children, a software engineer, a data analyst, and a college instructor. I’m currently an IT director.
  • I’ve worked at Fortune 500 tech companies, tech startups, non-profits, financial services firms, social work agencies, and more.
  • I’ve found the common thread in jobs I enjoy is work that directly serves and helps other people. That’s why I write non-fiction. I currently write technology non-fiction, but I will branch out to other topics in future books.