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Does your home Wi-Fi make you want to pull out your hair? Are you tired of having Wi-Fi dead spots in your home or of having to reboot your router when your Wi-Fi slows to a crawl? Would you like your Wi-Fi to be fast, stable, and secure?

After reading Home Wi-Fi Tuneup you’ll know:

  • How to diagnose and fix common problems with your Wi-Fi
  • How to speed up your Wi-Fi
  • How to make sure you have strong Wi-Fi throughout your home
  • How to make sure your Wi-Fi is secure from hackers

Having fast, stable, and secure Wi-Fi at home is more important now than ever. After reading this book, you’ll be equipped with all the tools and information you need to have the trouble-free, fast, and secure Wi-Fi you need.

Formats available: Kindle | Paperback 

Table of Contents

  • Preface 
  • Bonus Material 
  • Introduction 
  • Major Problem #1: Your Wi-Fi is too slow
    •  Wi-Fi Speed Culprit #1: Your Internet connection is really slow 
    •  Wi-Fi Speed Culprit #2: Other devices are hogging your Wi-Fi bandwidth 
    •  Wi-Fi Speed Culprit #3: Some of your wireless devices are old 
    •  Wi-Fi Speed Culprit #4: Your Wi-Fi signal is weak 
  • Major Problem #2: Your Wi-Fi security is lacking
    •  Wi-Fi Security Culprit #1: Your router is too old 
    •  Wi-Fi Security Culprit #2: You haven’t changed the default settings on your router 
    •  Wi-Fi Security Culprit #3: You don’t have a guest network 
    •  Wi-Fi Security Culprit #4: You have not segregated your IoT devices from the rest of your network 
  • Major Problem #3: Your Wi-Fi signal is not stable throughout your home
    •  Wi-Fi Stability Culprit #1: Your router is your wireless access point 
    •  Wi-Fi Stability Culprit #2: You have too many Wi-Fi devices on your network 
    •  Wi-Fi Stability Culprit #3: You aren’t using the best Wi-Fi protocols 
  • Final Words 
  • Home Wi-Fi Tuneup Checklists 
  • About The Author 
  • Feedback and Next Steps 

Reviews and Praise

“This book is precisely what it claims to be. Written in a logical order, the author outlines troubleshooting methods for WiFi issues, without any fluff. For me personally, the most informative section is on internet security. There are definitely some things I will check, and I will keep this as a handy reference for when problems inevitably arise in the future The inclusion of hyperlinks to products is also quite useful. I highly recommend this book as a simple, straightforward guide to any issues with WiFi.

Ronald B. Foster – Amazon Reviewer

“I am not the most tech-savvy guy, but this book explained things in an easy-to-understand way that helped me pinpoint why my wifi was so slow–neighbors using my network. Great concise book to help you determine slow wifi.”

Jason – Amazon Reviewer

“HomeTechHacker shared these great tips for diagnosing and fixing some extremely common #Wifi issues. Even ones that I’ve had to deal with myself. I’m a techy nerd, and these suggestions are on point.”

Whisky – HomeTechHacker Blog Reader